AN EFFECTIVE TEACHER: 10 WAYS TO SPOT ONE - At the beginning of each school year, you cross your fingers and toes hoping your child gets a great teacher. Someone who will help them thrive. Different kids have different needs and different teachers have different strengths. It is unlikely you will get a perfect match every year. However, before writing a teacher off as […]
5 WEIRD ANIMAL FACTS FOR KIDS WHO LOVE FART JOKES - Years as a classroom teacher has taught me that kids love three things: Weird facts, animals, and jokes about farts and poop! If you can string the three together, you’ve got a winning formula. So, these are for you parents and teachers…five scientifically-proven, weird facts about animals that will make kids giggle. They might even […]
WHEN DID GIRLS GET SO SMART? - It would surprise most to learn that in last year’s NAPLAN, girls outperformed boys in every test at every year level. Take a moment to consider that. Girls did better than boys in Reading, Writing, Language Conventions, and even the holy cow, Numeracy. They did that in every year group…Australia wide. More than 85 percent […]
HELL WEEK IS COMING! - Tomorrow marks the beginning of Hell Week in Australia. Week 7, Term 3 has been identified as the toughest week of the school year by researchers, so strap yourselves in folks! Resilient Youth Australia has surveyed the well-being of 91,369 students in 600 communities across Australia and they say the results are clear; energy and […]
HOW DANCE WILL MAKE PRINCE GEORGE FIT TO BE KING - Gorgeous little Prince George of Cambridge will have ballet lessons at his new primary school. As you can imagine, the establishment is torn. On one hand, there is the recognition of ballet as one of the most traditional and beautiful of the Arts, on the other hand,…boys, and ballet! Is this what future kings do […]
WHY IS SCHOOL DISCIPLINE SO COMPLICATED? - Discipline is probably the worst part of the job for any principal, deputy or teacher. We set boundaries to protect kids and to help them succeed. We also want to guide them towards being citizens we are all happily sharing the planet with. However, inevitably, those boundaries are tested, broken and sometimes bulldozed through by […]
WHAT IS A DAY AT SCHOOL REALLY LIKE? - We think we know exactly what school is like. After all, we went to school! But the reality is, our experiences were a long time ago. Those memories have been colored and distorted and edited. They aren’t very reliable. And things have changed. Even teachers, who are there every day with children don’t have a […]
A PARENT’S GUIDE TO SURVIVING THE FINAL EXAMS - If you have a child who is starting their final exams in the next couple of weeks, you might be feeling a bit stressed. You have supported your child through their whole school life and now they have to pull it all together and jump the final hurdle. Alone. There is nothing you can do. […]
HOW TO HELP KIDS TO BREAK THE FRUSTRATION BARRIER - On Sunday I did an art workshop. It was an unusual decision given that I have very little experience or talent. In fact, I’m an absolute beginner. When I sat down to my blank canvas the challenge mocked me and I felt discomfort and frustration. I remembered what it was like to be at school. […]
THE DEATH OF THE MALE TEACHER - Most people remember at least some of their teachers from primary school. I remember every single one. They had a huge impact on me. They’re probably the reason I became a teacher. My favorite was Mr. Romeo. He taught me in Years 5 and 6. These days he would be an anomaly, one of the […]